What a Catholic Presidential Hero Looks Like

“Garcia Moreno is a shining example of what a heroic Catholic president looks like. He fought the good fight and dies a hero defending the Faith and his country.” -Fr. Paul Kimball

In the contemporary world, where the liberal ideology of strict separationism between Church and State is widespread, the idea of a Catholic government seems incredible. As recently as 150 years ago, however, it was still possible to find authentically Catholic political leaders in the world, such as Gabriel Garcia Moreno (1821-1875). Garcia Moreno served twice as President of Ecuador where he worked diligently to uplift Ecuadorian society with reforms directly shaped by Catholic principles. 

Despite fierce opposition from liberals and Freemasons, Garcia Moreno promoted Catholicism as the official religion of Ecuador and oversaw the country’s consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. 


A victim for his fidelity to the Catholic Church, Garcia Moreno was assassinated following his third presidential victory. His death prompted Pope Leo XIII to lament that Garcia Moreno “fell under the steel of the wicked for the Church.” Despite politically motivated setbacks in his official canonization process, Garcia Moreno is rightly called a martyr for the Faith and a champion of Catholic social principles.

“In this book, the reader will see that it is possible to vanquish anti-Catholic revolutionaries and, like Garcia Moreno, stand up for applying Catholic social teachings and principles to the political sphere.” -Fr. Paul Kimball.

Hardcover, 401 pp, 66 photos and drawings and a preface by Fr. Paul Kimball.

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