This month is dedicated to the Precious Blood of Jesus.

1 2   Visitation of the BVM
     Sts Processus & Martinianus (M)
3   St Irenaeus (BM)4 5   St Anthony Mary Zaccaria (C)
6  St Maria Goretti (VM)7   Sts Cyril & Methodius (BC)8   St Elizabeth, Queen of Portugal (W)
     St Sunniva (V)
9 10 Seven Holy Brothers (M)
     Sts Rufina & Secunda (VM)
11 St Pius I (PM)
     St Olga
12 St John Gualbert (Ab)
     Sts Nabor & Felix (M)
13 14 St Bonaventure (BCD)15 St Henry, Emperor (C)
16 OL of Mt Carmel17 St Alexius (C)18 St Camillus de Lellis (C)
     Sts Symphorosa & her Seven Sons (M)
19 St Vincent de Paul (C)20 St Jerome Emiliani (C)
    St Margaret of Antioch (VM)
21 St Lawrence of Brindisi (CD)
     St Praxedes (V)
22 St Mary Magdalen (Pent)23 St Apollinaris (BM)
     St Liborius (BC)
24 St Christina (VM)25 St James the Greater (Apos)
     St Christopher (M)
26 St Anne, Mother of BVM
     St Paraskevi (V)
27 St Pantaleon (M)
     Bl Titus Brandsma
28 Sts Nazarius & Celsus (M)
     St Victor I (PM)
     St Innocent I (PM)
29 St Martha (V)
     Sts Felix, Simplicius, Faustinus & Beatrice (M)
30 Sts Abdon & Sennen (M)
31 St Ignatius of Loyola (C)
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