This month is dedicated to Our Lady.

1   St Philip & St James (Apos)
     St Isidora (V)
     St Peregrine (C)
2   St Athanasius (BCD)3   St Alexander I Eventius & Theodulus (M) & Juvenal (CB)
      Bl Marie Leonie
4   St Monica (W)
     St Florian of Lorch (CM)
5   St Pius V (PC)
6   St John before the Latin Gate
     St Dominic Savio
7   St Stanislaus (BM)8   Apparition of St Michael, Archangel9   St Gregory Naziazen (BC)10 St Antoninus (B)
     St Comgall (C)
     Sts Gordian & Epimachus (M)
     St John of Avila (CD)
11 12 St Nereus & Comp.13 St Robert Bellarmine (BCD)
     St Imelda Lambertini (V)
14 St Boniface (M)15 St John Baptist de la Salle (C) 
     St Dymphna (VM)
16 St Ubald (BC)
     St John Nepomucene
     St Simon Stock (C)
17 St Paschal Baylon (C)18 St Venantius (M)
     St Felix of Cantalice (C)
19 St. Peter Celestine (PC)20 St Bernardine of Siena (C)
     St Pudentiana (V)
21 22 St Rita of Cascia23 24 25 St. Gregory VII (PC)
     St. Urban I (PM)
26 St Philip Neri (C)
     Bl Mariana of Quito
27 St Bede the Venerable (C)
     St John I (PM)
28 St Augustine of Caterbury (BC)29 St Mary Magdalen of Pazzi (V)30 St Felix I (PM)
     St Joan of Arc
31 Queenship of the BVM
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