This month is dedicated to the Holy Name of Jesus.

1   St Fulgentius of Ruspe2   Most Holy Name of Jesus
     St Gaspar del Bufalo
3  St Genevieve4   St Elizabeth Seton
     St Pharaildis of Ghent (V)
     St Rigobert of Rheims (C)
5   St Telesphorus (PM)
     St John Neumann (C)
6   Feast of the Epiphany7   Holy Family (1st Sunday after Epiphany)8910
11 St Hyginus (PM)12 St Aelred of Rievaulx (C)13 Comm. of the Baptism of Our Lord14 St Hilary (BCD)
     St Felix (Priest, M)
     St Kentigern (B)
15 St Paul the First Hermit (C)
     St Maurus (Ab)
16 St Marcellus I (PM)17 St Anthony the Hermit (Ab)18 St Prisca (VM)19 St Marius & Comp. (M)
     St Canute, King (M)
20 St Fabian (PM) & St Sebastian (M)
21 St Agnes of Rome (VM)
     St Meinrad (C)
22 St Vincent & Anastasius (M)23 St Raymond of Pennafort (C)
     St Emerentiana (VM)
    St Ildephonsus of Toledo
24 St Timothy (BM)25 Conversion of St Paul, Apos
     Comm. of St Peter, Apos
26 St Polycarp (BM)27 St John Chrysostom (BCD)28 St Peter Nolasco (C)
     St Agnes of Rome (VM)
29 St Francis de Sales (BCD)30 St Martina (VM)
31 St John Bosco (C)
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