The Life of St Thomas


The Life of St Thomas

“All who desire to know Saint Thomas personally would do well to read this striking account of his life.” —Fr. Paul Robinson 

This book was used as part of the canonization process for St. Thomas Aquinas. It is published in English for the first time in history by Angelus Press and translated by David Foley. 

While most Catholics are familiar with the writings of St. Thomas Aquinas, little is known about the saint himself… until now. This insightful biography of St. Thomas Aquinas appears for the first time in English after its composition seven centuries ago. Its author, Brother William of Tocco, used his own contact with the saint and interviews with many who knew him to set down his life. 

In this easy-to-read translation, you will find the remarkable story of the life of the Angelic Doctor, including his imprisonment by his family; his incredible powers of abstraction and memory; his refutation of heresies and his heroic virtues; his levitation and other miracles; and his holy death.

This book gives a charming eyewitness account of the unseen life of St. Thomas Aquinas and helps us better understand the family, friends, and era that produced one of the greatest theologians of all time.

Hardback, pp. 227

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