This month is dedicated to 

1   St Ignatius of Antioch
     St Brigid of Ireland (V)
2   Candlemas Day
   Purification of the BVM
3   St Blaise of Sebaste (BM)  St Andrew Corsini (BM)5   St Agatha (VM)
6   St Titus (BC)
     St Dorothea (VM)
7   St Romuald (Ab)8   St John of Matha (C)9   St Cyril of Alexandria (BC)
     St Apollonia (VM)
10 St Scholastica (V)
11 Apparition of the BVM at Lourdes12 Seven Holy Founders, Servite Order (C)13 St Catherine de Ricci14 St Valentine (C)15 Sts Faustinus & Jovita (M)
     St Claude de la Columbiere (C)
16 1718 St Simeon (BM)19 20 Bl Fra Angelico of Fiesole (C)
     Bl Jacinta Marto
21 St Margaret of Cortona (Pent)22 Chair of St Peter
   (Comm of St Paul, Apos)
23 St Peter Damien (BCD)24 St Matthias (Apos)25 
26 2728 St Gabriel of OL of Sorrows (C)
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