This month is dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

1   St Angela Merici (V)2   St Marcellinus, Peter & Erasmus (BM)3   St Clothilde,Queen of Franks4   St Francis Caracciolo (C)5   St Boniface (BM)
6   St Norbert (C)7 8 9   Sts Primus & Felicianus (M)
     St Columba (C)
10 St Margaret, Queen of Scotland (W)
11 St Barnabas, (Ap)12 St John of Facundo (C)
     Sts Basilides, Cyrinus, Nabor & Nazarius (M)
13 St Anthony of Padua (C)14 St Basil the Great (BCD)15 
16 St Benno of Meissen (B)17 St Gregory Barbarigo (BC)18 St Ephraem (Deacon, CD)
    Sts Mark & Marcellian (M)
19 St Juliana of Falconieri (V)
     Sts Gervase & Protase (M)
20 St Silverius (PM)
21 St Aloysius Gonzaga (C)22 St Paulinus (BC)
     St John Fisher (BM)
     St Thomas More (CM)
23 Vigil Birth of St John the Baptist
     St John Cafasso (C)
     St Etheldreda (Audry) (V)
24 Nativity of St John the Baptist25 St William (Ab)
26 Sts John & Paul (M)27 28 Vigil of Sts Peter & Paul29 St Peter & St Paul (Ap)30 St Paul, Ap
     St Peter, Ap
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