This month is dedicated to the Rosary.

1   St Regemigius (BC)2   The Holy Guardian Angels3   St Therese of the Child Jesus (V)4   St Francis of Assisi (C)5   St Placid & Compan. (M)
6   St Bruno (C)7   BVM of the Rosary
     St Mark I (PC)
8   St Bridget of Sweden (W)
     Sts Sergius, Bacchus, Marcellus & Apuleius (M)
9   St John Leonard (C)
     Sts Denis, Rusticus & Eleutherius (M)
10 St Francis Borgia (C)
11 The Maternity of the BVM1213 St Edward the Confessor, King (C)14 St Callistus I (PM)15 St Teresa of Avila (V)
16 St Hedwig (W)
     St Gerard Majella (C)
     St Marguerite D'Youvile 
17 St Margaret Mary Alacoque (V)18 St Luke, Evangelist19 St Peter of Alcantara20 St John Cantius
21 St Hilarion (Ab)
     St Malchus of Syria (C)
     Sts Ursula & Compan. (VM)
22 23 St Anthony Mary Claret (BC)24 St Raphael the Archangel25 Sts Chrysanthus & Daria (M)
26 St Evaristus (PM)27 28 St Simon & St Jude (Apos)29 30 
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