This month is dedicated to the Immaculate Conception.

1   St Edmund Campion & Companions (CM)2   St Bibiana (VM)3   St Francis Xavier (C)4   St Peter Chrysologus (BC)
    St Barbara (VM)
5   St Sabbas (Ab)
6   St Nicholas (BC)7   St Ambrose of Milan (BCD)8    Immaculate Conception of BVM910 St Melchiades (PM)
     St Eulalia (VM)
11 St Damasus (PC)12 Our Lady of Guadalupe13 St Lucy (VM)14 St John of the Cross (C)15
16 St Eusebius (BM)
     St Adelaide of Burgundy
17 St Begga1819 20
21 St Thomas (Apos)22232425 Nativity of Our Lord
     St Anastasia (M)
26 St Stephen, Protomartyr27 St John (Apos)28 Holy Innocents (M)29 St Thomas of Canterbury (BM)30
31 St Sylvester I (P)
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