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The Great Facade

Vatican II and the Regime of Novelty in the Roman Catholic Church
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' This highly readable work of rigorous logic and impeccable documentation is destined to become a basic reference for years to come. The authors have pioneered a new field of Catholic apologetics, coining the term "neo-Catholic" to describe those who blindly embrace the progressivist novelties that have been introduced into the Church by our leaders during the past 40 years. Not meant to judge the motives of these neo-Catholics, The Great Facade rather demonstrates that the neo-Catholic mode of thinking is an intellectually untenable position, supported by neither Church teaching nor Church history. This book gives traditional Catholics the arguments, the documentation, the battery of quotations, and the tools they need to not only defend their own position, but also to mount an offensive of their own. An excellent resource! 422pp. PB. '
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