Imitation of The Sacred Heart of Jesus

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Imitation of The Sacred Heart of Jesus
by Rev. Peter J. Arnoudt, SJ

Recommended to us as even better than The Imitation of Christ. Jesus speaks to the reader - through the author, of course - in short, easy-to-understand chapters that are filled with wisdom. Thereafter the soul speaks to Jesus. 

This book thoughtfully covers every way in which we can perfect ourselves through devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Not only that, but it warns us against every pitfall we face in the daunting task of attaining holiness. It includes important chapters on:
  • The dissatisfaction worldly goods provide
  • Salvation and the Sacred Heart
  • Perfection and imitation of the Sacred Heart
  • Cleansing of mortal and venial sins
  • Sanctifying grace
  • Jesus’s life and the Sacred Heart
  • Jesus’s suffering and the Sacred Heart
  • Unity with the Sacred Heart

Paperback, 576 pages, Impr.
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