Practical Aids for Catholic Teachers

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Imagine going back in time and asking a group of the best Catholic Teachers for some of their most successful methods for teaching the Faith to little ones...This is just what the authors of this book have in effect done! 

In the late 1920’s, Father Felix Kirsch was among the leaders of a renewal in Catholic education, prompted by new pedagogical methods such as those pioneered by Maria Montessori.  He and Sister Mary Aurelia sent questionnaires to many of the most successful teachers in the Catholic world, asking “what methods or devices work best for you?”  They then compiled the answers they received into the present volume.

Inside you will find these gems divided into two sections: Morning Exercises, with stories, talks and suggestions for how to help children practice the virtues; and Classroom Projects, which include classroom calendars for keeping track of the Feasts of the Church, Sand Table Projects, Sections on Dramatizations and Music, and various crafts to keep little hands busy.

8.5" x 11"     softcover     324 pages

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