Pope Innocent III - Two Treatises

Pope Innocent III - Two Treatises
Introduction by Peter Kwasniewski, Ph.D.

“Pope Innocent III is the most profound liturgist of the Middle Ages.”

Pope Innocent III took the throne of St. Peter at just thirty-seven years old, already renowned as a learned theologian and celebrated jurist. Under his leadership, papal authority was reestablished not only in Rome but throughout Europe. A zealous guardian of the one true Faith, Innocent worked tirelessly as a vigorous opponent of heresy, striving to eradicate the Albigensians. He approved the founding of new religious orders like the Dominicans and the Franciscans. Scholastic theology flourished, and he called the momentous Fourth Lateran Council. Innocent implemented reforms in canon law, university education, and the church hierarchy. With his intellectual gifts, forceful personality, and extensive reforms, Innocent III is considered one of the most intelligent and dedicated men to reign as Christ’s vicar on earth.

The Mysteries of the Mass and The Four Kinds of Marriage were written in 1196 and 1197 and represent some of the best of Catholic philosophy, theology, and biblical exegesis of the medieval period. In these works Pope Innocent provides an answer to modern society’s most pivotal questions: What is the symbolism of the Catholic Mass, and how does the sacrament of Marriage mirror the life-giving love of Christ for the Church? How can these two sacraments deepen our own union with Christ?

This beautifully bound, intellectually gripping volume belongs in the homes of Catholic families, liturgists, theologians, and students of the humanities throughout the English-speaking world. It is a timeless Catholic classic that is sure to ground your knowledge of the faith while introducing you to one of the brightest minds to have occupied throne of St. Peter.
Available for the first time in English, this two-in-one volume was translated from the original Latin text by David Foley, Ph.D.

Hardback, 327 pages
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