A Child's True Story of Jesus, Book 1

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A Child's True Story of Jesus, Book 1
by Sister Mary Ambrose, OP
Additional text by Mother Mary Loyola & Rev Aloysius Heeg

A Child's True Story of Jesus is more than just a coloring book—the lessons and activities found within are designed to help children learn their basic prayers and the Mysteries of the Rosary, all within the context of the Gospels and the Mass.

First created in 1928 by Sister Mary Ambrose, a Dominican Sister who was a Demonstration Teacher at the Loyola University Model School in the 20’s and 30s’s, this workbook found its genesis in the Montessorian principle of learning by doing. Here, rather than merely hearing each lesson, the child is encouraged to reinforce what he or she has learned, first by using a picture to repeat the lesson in his or her own words, then by coloring the pictures, and by cutting and assembling the prayers to be pasted in the book.

In this newly edited version, we have enhanced the activity portion of this book by adding cutting and pasting activities that help the child to learn each of the prayers, starting with the Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be, before moving on to simplified versions of the Prayer Before a Crucifix, Spiritual Communion, and Acts of Faith, Hope and Love. These help the child to see that there are many ways of talking with God throughout each day, and by making prayer a habit, they can bring Him more closely into their lives.


Softcover, size 8.5" x 11", 152 pages

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