Treasures: Visible and Invisible

8 St Patrick's Day stories for teens
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Treasures: Visible and Invisible
by Various

This is a collection of short stories by eight authors.

  1. A teen boy sets out to save a friend from pagan druids, but maybe he's the one who needs saving. (Treasure in the Bogs by Theresa Linden)
  2. Between an unearthed treasure and a visit from Heaven, a young monk is in for the surprise of his life! (A Single Day ... Or Not by Susan Peek)
  3. A young girl seeks a mysterious treasure that holds the key to granting a nun's dying wish. (Lucy and the Hidden Clover by Antony B. Kolenc)
  4. Honora is desperate-then a peculiar clover and a mysterious young man change everything.  (Lucky and Blessed by Amanda Lauer)
  5. William's weekend job is a little gift from heaven, but now his family needs a real miracle. (Danke by Carolyn Astfalk)
  6. When threatened by mobsters, Grace receives help from a surprising source. (Grace Among Gangsters by Leslea Wahl)
  7. Alone and afraid, a young girl finds friendship in a stranger. But could this boy be trouble? (In Mouth of Friend and Stranger by T. M Gaouette)
  8. Kyle was determined to save the precious relic--but now his whole family is in danger. (The Underappreciate Virtues of Green-Fingered Monsters by Corinna Turner)

From the early days of the Church, objests touched the holy men and women have been linked to the miraculous, such as described in Acts: "when face cloths or aprons that touched his skin were applied to the sick, their diseases left them and the evil spirits came out of them." Act 19:12

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