Marriage Amidst the Storm

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Marriage Amidst the Storm
by Fr. Ludger Grun

Many want to have a Christian marriage, but they lack the courage to start anew.” - Fr. Ludger Grun

Many married couples are emotionally exhausted or simply too disconnected to find the motivation for improving their relationship. But by taking an honest look into the depth and fundamental elements of this sacrament, couples can be reminded of forgotten opportunities, once familiar paths of communication and the shared joys of mutual lifelong goals.

Topics of discussion:
  • Is it normal for love to diminish?
  • What do we do with a stagnant marriage?
  • How do we keep our marriage from flattening out?
  • Does God want our love to flourish?
  • With whom can I have a good marriage?
  • Why we should work to build a happy marriage?
  • Whom can we turn to for help?
For married couples and those about to be married, this book is a guide on how to avoid a loss of connection, closeness, and fervour in marriage. Fr. Grun clearly demonstrates, based on years of marriage counselling experience, how to keep or rekindle true Catholic love. Written in a compassionate tone, this brief work is vital for all married people, regardless of age.

Paperback, 84 pages
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