Manna of the Soul

Manna of the Soul
by Father Lasance

Compiled by Father Lasance - 1926 Edition 546 pages - Soft leather-like Flex-cover Handy 4.5" by 6.25" pocket sized prayerbook This is a beautiful and very useful prayerbook. Originally put together by the prolific Father Lasance, this book was reccommended by Pope Pius XI. It was printed in a large font with plenty of spacing and was designed for easy reading in the low light conditions found in many Catholic churchs. Loreto has produced a modern edition on bright white paper for ease of reading in places where the lighting is less than adequate or for those people who either need magnifiers for close up reading or whose eyesight is less than what it used to be. This is the only truly large print prayerbook available with all of the old traditional prayers. Table of Contents Foreword Table of Moveable Feasts Holy-Days of Obligation Church Law of Fast & Abstinence Ceremonies for the Laity Low Mass Asperges High Mass Requiem & Ferial Masses Benediction A Rule of Life All Day Long Morning Prayers Evening Prayers A Short Form of Morning Prayer A Short Form of Evening Prayer The Angelus The Regina Coeli The Ordinary of the Mass Mass on the Day of Death or on the Day of the Burial of one of the Faithful The Absolution after Requiem Mass Marriage Service & Mass Ritual for Celebration of Matrimony The Nuptial Mass Indulgenced Prayers for use at Mass Devotions for Confession Before Confession Examination of Conscience After Confession 1. Devotions for Holy Communion Before Communion After Communion 2. Devotions for Holy Communion Before Communion After Communion Another Form of Thanksgiving 3. Devotions for Holy Communion Before Communion After Communion Litanies The Holy Name of Jesus The Sacred Heart of Jesus The Blessed Virgin Saint Joseph The Saints Prayer for the Church and for the Civil Authorities Prayers to the Holy Ghost Prayers in Honor of Our Lord Prayers to the Blessed Virgin The Holy Rosary Devotions to the Saints Indulgenced Ejaculations Temperance Pledge Prayers for a Happy Death and for the Poor Souls in Purgatory Prayers for thePoor Souls The Stations of the Cross Vespers for Sundays Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament Te Deum Laudamus
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