Latin Mass Children's Missal Black Cover

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'Help your child connect with the Mass and feel like an "official" Mass-goer with this insightful missal. This attractive, pocket-sized hardcover is sure to withstand stand devoted usage. It includes a fully-illustrated walk-through of each step of the Latin Mass, also applicable to the Novus Ordo. This missal contains colorful gospel stories for all Sundays and feast days: "The Birth of Jesus" on Christmas Day, "Jesus Promises to send the Holy Ghost" on the 4th Sunday of Easter, and over fifty more! Additionally, it includes prayers before and after Holy Communion; morning and evening prayers; acts of faith, hope, and love; the Stations of the Cross; the Rosary; a guide to Confession, and more. Your growing Catholic will be involved and part of the Mass, integrated into the Body of Christ and the community of the Church, with the "Children\'s Missal "as his or her aid. 140pp'
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