Sermons to the People

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Sermons to the People
by St Augustine of Hippo

When the great Saint Augustine was called from his country home to become Bishop of Hippo in the fourth century, his new responsibilities took him away from the solitude of his writing and into the glare of the public eye.  The author of two of the greatest works of religious literature, Confessions and City of God, St Augustine became a shepherd to the people, inspiring and enlightening them with his sermons. His skills as a speaker were as great -- if not greater -- than his skills as a writer. According to his friend Possidius, "Those who read what Augustine wrote on the divine topics do get something out of them. But those who saw and heard him in person -- they were the ones who got heaven and Earth."

"Sermons to the People" collects the homilies on the liturgical seasons of the Church that Saint Augustine delivered over the course of his lifetime. This edition is the first to include that vast collection of sermons from Advent, Christmas, New Year's, and the Epiphany. 

Paperback, 231 pages
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