The Voyage of the Pax

An Allegory
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In writing this allegory to help explain the religious life to the boy oblates in his charge, Dom Bede drew upon the struggles he experienced during his conversion, as well as an experience from his Oxford years, when shipwrecked off the coast of Spain. Left clinging to the wreckage along with his fellow passengers for 17 hours, upon being rescued, he decided to consecrate his life to the service of God in thanksgiving.

The Voyage of the PAX, then, is a thrilling seafaring allegory portraying the journey of life, with its many threats to our souls, as a voyage of several young men, crossing the high seas to reach their home in the Golden City. They must work hard and make difficult decisions in order to pass the straits of Mors and enter into the haven of Æternitas.

This story is a perfect follow-up for those who loved Mother Mary Loyola's The King of the Golden City.


5.5" x 8.5"        paperback         72 pages

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