Saint Philomena: Powerful Love

A Colouring and Story Book for All Ages
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This stirring true story tells of a heroic Greek girl whose strong love helped her to endure great trials and win an everlasting reward. The tale of this young martyr will appeal to all ages, and is written simply enough to be understood by young children. The lovely pictures are enjoyable for children to colour, and also realistic and detailed enough for adults to appreciate. If you don't already know and love St. Philomena, this captivating book is the perfect way to meet a new heavenly friend, or to reawaken your devotion to a very powerful saint! "The life of this powerful little wonder-worker is a source of inspiration for people of all ages, but should be so especially for our youth who find under attack so many of the virtues that St. Philomena embodied. This delightful colouring book with its beautiful pictures and story will help to foster a tender love and devotion to this dear saint." -Father Carlos Borja "Beautifully illustrated and charmingly told, this story cannot fail to inspire children (and their parents!) with love for this brave saint, so relevant for our times. Saint Philomena's examples of unwavering courage and faith are needed now more than ever before! This colouring book is a must-have addition to any Catholic school or home!" -Susan Peek, author of God's Forgotten Friends Series for Teens and Children Enjoy this first book in the Magnificent Martyrs series!
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