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City of God by Venerable Mary of Agreda

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' This can be called Our Lady\'s Autobiography because it was Mary herself who revealed it in mystic vision to its author - the Spanish Franciscan nun - Mother Mary of Jesus from Agreda. A spiritual classic which has been acclaimed by Popes, cardinals and theologians. Contains information on the meaning of the Apocalyspse, Lucifer\'s rebellion, the location of Hell, and many other enthralling topics. Our Lady reveals that she never appeared older than 33; that she ate fruit, vegetables and fish, but no meat, that the very presence of the Christ Child cured the sick and exorcised demons; plus much, much more. "Just as I have told you that he who knows Me knows also My Father, so now I tell you that he who knows My Mother knows Me," - Vol. III page 765. Pope Innocent XI in 1686 was the first Holy Father to give approval to this work and on April 29, 1929, Pope Pius XI added his when he stated "We grant the apostolic benediction to all readers and promoters of the "Mystical City of God. 4 volumes hb '
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