A Doctor at Calvary

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' What the Gospels don\'t reveal about Christ\'s sufferings, science does. From close analysis of the Holy Shroud of Turin Dr Barbet re-creates every stage of the Passion with heart-rending precision and detail. For example: \tThe painful hemorrhaging phenomenon which corresponds to Jesus\' sweating "drops of blood" - and renders the skin more susceptible to pain; \tThe "flagrum" used for scourging: designed to inflict deep wounds; \tEvidence that Christ received more than the customary number of blows during the scourging - by two soldiers at once; \tThe Crown of Thorns: more like a cap - cutting into Our Lord\'s head in every part. How we know the thorns were particularly long and sharp; \tCountless medically accurate details on the Shroud that no medieval artist could have forged - or even known about; \tWhy Our Lord\'s violent thirst? Why the nailing to the Cross is one of the most terrible ways of torture a human can suffer; \tThe determining cause of Our Lord\'s death: asphyxia, after prolonged struggle. Hardcover 192pp '
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